Teeth whitening can be accomplished by several techniques of “bleaching” available today.

One method used is the “in-office” method.

This technique uses a strong chemically activated bleaching agent.  The bleach is placed over the isolated teeth and after just a few hours the treatment will be complete.  This method is the fastest method though it does have some drawbacks.  It not as effective as the at-home method, there is a higher risk of chemical burns, tooth sensitivity, and it is more expensive.

Another method available is “at-home” whitening through the use of custom-made trays.

These custom trays are then filled with bleaching materials. When worn for only 25-30 minutes a day, noticeable results are seen generally within a few days. However, some stains may take a couple weeks to see progress.  This is the method that Dr. Chris prefers as it safer, gives better results, and is much less expensive.  In fact, we do offer this for free as one of our new patient specials!

Results vary from individual to individual. We will be happy to to help you decide on which method works best for you.

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