Silver VS Tooth Color Fillings

When you have cavities and need a small filling but don’t want silver in your teeth, direct resin or white fillings are the way to go.
Their most obvious advantage is beauty. A well-done white filling can be indistinguishable from the natural tooth. They have many advantages. White fillings can completely change the appearance of teeth, strengthen teeth, and more conservatively treat teeth – all things that silver fillings cannot do.

White fillings are bonded to tooth structure. This means that they actually integrate with the tooth. Also, this seals the gap between tooth and filling while adding their strength to the tooth. This allows for the more varied uses of resin beyond just regular fillings. One use is placing thin layers over front teeth to change their color, shape, or general appearance. Do you have small chips or fractures in teeth, or grooves in your teeth? We can apply the resin in these places to prevent decay or from ever occurring.

If you have cavities or other cosmetic needs, please consider the benefits of white resin fillings. Bonded white fillings are an extremely beautiful advance in the creation of fantastic and healthy smiles.

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