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    Are you looking for quality dental care but don’t have a traditional insurance plan?

    Consider the Kyle Dental Saver Plan!

    By enrolling in the KYLE DENTAL SAVER PLAN, you will receive quality and comprehensive dental care at substantially reduced rates.

    For a Flat Fee of $250, You Will Receive

    Comprehensive Exams: 2 per consecutive 12-month period

    Necessary X-Rays: 2 per consecutive 12-month period

    Basic Dental Cleanings: 2 per consecutive 12-month period

    20% OFF all of our other dental procedures

    Savings for Common Procedures Include

    • Dental Crown: Save up to $275
    • Tooth Colored Fillings: Save up to $57
    • Tooth Extraction: Save up to $57
    • Deep Dental Cleaning: Save up to $50 per quadrant
    Kyle Dental Saver Plan Terms & Conditions
    * Initial Flat Fee of $250 is non-refundable.
    * Discounts under this plan shall not apply to any treatment started prior to enrollment or after calendar year fee has expired, nor to any treatment paid in whole or part by dental insurance.
    * Kyle Dental Saver Plan is NOT dental insurance; It is only valid at Kyle Dental.

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