Patient Testimonials

What Are Our Patients Saying?


“After years of neglecting my teeth, I was in serious dental trouble and in desperate need of some major dental care.  I chose Kyle Dental after seeing their billboard on I-35. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in my entire life. If you are seeking top quality care in a professional and caring environment, this is the place to go.  Dr. Chris assessed my situation, developed a treatment plan and then proceeded with the plan.  I am now pain free and happier than I have been in years. I now know that dental pain doesn’t have to be a part of my life and it doesn’t have to part of yours either.  Dr. Chris and the entire staff at Kyle Dental know exactly what they’re doing and you will not be disappointed if you choose them for your dental needs.”
-Scott M.

I am the worst Dental patient anyone ever had plus I have tons of allergies. Dr Chris and Wendy arranged to use a local anesthetic that I’m not allergic to. All the ladies in the practice have been friendly and patient with my eccentricities. Dr Chris has a special Comfortable (!!!) suction doo-dad that keeps the irrigation from running down your throat and helps you keep your mouth open. That makes it easier for him to work with lightening fast speed which every dental patient desires. I worked in Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic before I retired and appreciate World Class skills and attitudes. The work I’ve had done here has given me the best dental experience I’ve ever had and also the best looking crowns and fillings.
I really appreciate that I can send my appointment request online through their website. I can also always expect a call the next day or so to see how I’m doing. If this were a cute little shop instead of a Dental Office I’d be driving up here all the time to do business with them. Kudos for a superb experience!”

-Kathleen K.

“My 6 yr old son and I were looking for new dental home after a recent move to Buda. I came across their mailer in the Val-Pak bunch and liked that they have night and weekend hours. After looking around their website, I contacted the office. Scheduling our appointments was easy and Ruby was so professional and polite.
I was nervous for my son’s appointment as we left a pediatric dentist that he absolutely loved, but the RDA that handled our cleanings was great! Dani made both of us feel very comfortable in the chair and she took her time with my son to make sure he was at ease with each step. Dr. Chris was very pleasant and professional as well. He came in, checked a few areas on us both, and explained his recommendations and why he was making those recommendations (most dentists leave out the ‘why’ and only tell you the ‘what’).
The front desk wrote up our treatment plans which Dani then reviewed. There was absolutely no sales pitch or pressure to commit to anything.  Ruby had me fill out a reminder card for our next appointment and then thanked us for coming in.  I was happy with the appointment, but more importantly my son was happy. He said that he liked the office and that Dani was really nice. For me, a dental office that can get rave reviews from a child is one worth going to.


“Completely impressed with the level of care I was provided.  I made it very clear that I was pain intolerant and Christie (Hygienist) took very good care of me.  She cleaned half of my mouth with only a topical cream.  I was very impressed with how gentle and patient she was with me.  I have been to dentists before where I literally walked out in the middle of this type of cleaning because I was in so much pain.  I think I have found a dental office for life.”
-Randall W.

“I’ve been coming here since the office first opened in fall, 2008 and I love that I’ve developed this history with them. The service is very personable – from the first phone call I made to inquire about the ins and outs of my insurance plan to the staff calling me the day after I got my fillings done – just to make sure I was feeling OK and that my bite was fine.
In the three years that I’ve been a patient, I’ve never had to wait more than five minutes to be called back for my appointment. And though treatment is presented, if it’s needed, I haven’t ever felt like anyone was trying to sell me anything.  It’s a true, small family-run business that’s been a great find for me since I moved to Kyle.”

-Lisa N.

“I’ve had a wonderful experience at Kyle Dental with Dr. Chris and his lovely team. I needed some major work done and they made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Well, as relaxed as anyone can be at the dentist. Dr. Chris was very warm and friendly. He seems to be a very kind and caring man as well as doing very professional work. I would happily suggest his practice to anyone needing dental care.”

“Was recommended to Kyle Dental by two friends who had work done at Kyle Dental. I was very satisfied with my experience. From the scheduling all the way through them recommending me to an outside dental surgeon, Dr. Chris provided a great experience. Having had previously horrible experiences with dentist, I was hesitant to try somewhere new—I am very glad I did! I would highly recommend Kyle Dental to my family and friends! Dr. Chris and his staff are very professional and focused on all of their patients!”
-Meagan M.